Keep your identity private online

Advantages to using I2P.Re

  • Fast load speeds: I2P.Re caches Pictures and common files
  • Ease of use: No need to install any software on your computer
  • Share with others: Just add ".re" to the end of the link

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is gives regular internet users easy access to both the I2P networks
  • How secure is supports 256bit encryption on all requests. But using the native client will give better security.
  • Why use
    By utilizing extensive caching techniques provides faster access than what is found through the native client.
    Easy access
    If the I2P application can't be installed
    If the I2P network is otherwise blocked
  • I found something illegal, what should i do?
    You should report the site, and it will be reviewed
  • My site has been unfairly blocked
    You should report the site, and the block will be reviewed
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